Be Church: responding to the coronavirus

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Lots of groups, organisations and businesses are having to make plans for how to carry on in the middle of the Coronavirus. So much is changing, and it's changing at a very rapid rate. So what does it look like for us as a church? In this post, we're sharing some information about things that... Read more »

Stephen Walker-Williams: time in America

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posted byStephen Walker-Williams05 March 2020 Thank you so much for praying for Nicki, me and the children during my visit to the USA in January. It was such an honour to be invited to go and minister there and take the opportunity to express our gratitude to some of the churches that have sent Arise... Read more »

Fula Jalon Prayer: Feb 2020

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A young girl and 5 Muslim leadersPraying for the Fula Jalon people – Feb 2020 During 2020, we have adopted the Fula Jalon people as a prayer focus. This group is classed as ‘unreached’ and we stand in prayer that Jesus would become known in their lives. This month there are two very specific things... Read more »

How would Jesus vote?

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posted byDave Criddle25 Nov 2019 When one of my colleagues heard I was writing this blog post, he asked me if I’d be calling it, “Where would Jesus put His cross?” The answer, of course, is no! This is not a party political blog post, not trying to sway people to vote in one direction... Read more »

Reputation vs Reality

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posted byDave Criddle7 November 2019 What happens when a reputation doesn’t match the reality? Maybe it’s the celebrity scandal, where someone’s true colours show. Or riding on the coattails of yesterday’s success, even though things aren’t going so well anymore. Or those parts of us we know aren’t true anymore, but nobody else has realised... Read more »

Shaken and Stirred

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posted byStephen Walker-Williams7 October 2019 I am a real James Bond fan and know that ‘shaken not stirred’ is the correct way he likes his martini. However, it is 'shaken and stirred' that has been buzzing through my mind since our last prayer meeting at Hope. As we started the new series ‘Acts 29: the... Read more »

Summer Term Outreach

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As we approach the summer months, with longer evenings and warmer days, we also enter a season where we typically have more outreach opportunities as a church family