Children and Young People

Jesus said “ I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). Life in all it’s fullness is hard to comprehend. We believe that these words spoken by Jesus are for all ages. At Gold Hill we want to see children and young people thrive in every area of life. Whether we see them once a week, monthly or a few times a year, we believe that God is calling us to create an environment where we do all that we can to see this happen for every child or young person that we meet.

Every child and young person has unique experiences, backgrounds and personalities. We want to make sure that, just as Jesus did, they feel safe, valued and welcomed here at Gold Hill. Our team seek to serve the children and young people in a way that is beneficial to them and their growth in not only themselves but their faith.

Children and young people are a central part to the Gold Hill church family. They are considered in decisions made as well as given a voice to help shape different parts of Church life.

We believe we are called to be an advocate for children and young people in our wider community through involvement in the Chalfont St Peter Youth Centre as well as having good connections with the local schools in the area and community initiatives.

Jesus once said not to hinder children coming to Him. That they possess the characteristics of those that will inherit the kingdom of God. Not only do we have the blessing of serving children and young people, but have the privilege of learning from them. Our prayer is that everything we do shares something of the love that God has in a personal and real way.

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