Join us on Sunday

We would be delighted to see you if you joined one of our Sunday gatherings. This page shows our normal pattern, but we sometimes change things around. So, please check what’s happening this Sunday

The 8.45 Gathering

We begin our Sunday together with a quiet and reflective service lasting an hour from 8.45 am. The service includes hymns and songs led either with an organ, piano or guitar.  Our gathering includes times of reflection, quiet, prayers, testimony and a 20-minute talk unpacking God’s word simply yet profoundly. We share communion together each week. Simple, still and peaceful, these are wonderful times to come and be with God together.

 For further information contact James Simmons

The 10.30 Gathering

A lively and relaxed gathering for the whole family. Come at 10 for refreshments in the foyer and a chance to mingle with those leaving the 8.45.  From time to time we have an ‘All Age’ service where everyone stays together, but on a normal Sunday, our children and young people (up to 16) depart to their groups after about 15 minutes. In the adult congregation, we enjoy lively worship and share communion once a month. The sermon lasts for about 25 minutes, usually following a series. The service is streamed live on YouTube. If you don’t want to appear on the live stream, you should sit in the left most block of seats.

To find out more contact Stephen Walker-Williams

Breathe from 6 to 8 pm

Breathe is our youth gathering for school years 7-13, run and led by our young people during term time. We have lots of fun and games beginning with some basketball and some singing and someone ‘sharing a thought’ and then time to have a chat in discussion groups! From being part of the welcome or tech teams, to playing in our band or speaking… Come and join the fun- we would love to have you join us and hear what you think!

For further information contact Shona Hunter-Singh 

Find out more about our Youth Activities.

Every church is different, so we know that it can be helpful to know what to expect before coming along to a service. Our different services all vary, but this page should give you an idea of what to expect before coming to Gold Hill.

If you have any questions, please ask a member of our Connect Team, who will be wearing blue t-shirts.

How long is the service?

Each of the three services on a Sunday is different. The 8:45 service lasts about an hour, while the 10.30 services are about an hour and a half.

Will I be able to park?

The nearest public car park is only 100 yards from the church. Parking is free on Sundays. Blue badge holders may park in the next door GP surgery, but not in the doctors’ spaces.

I’m uncomfortable in crowds

You are free to use one of the rooms upstairs which looks down on the auditorium from where you can hear all that’s going on. Or for the 10.30 am service, you can stay in the foyer and watch the video stream of the service.

Will I have to sing?

All of our services involve singing because we believe it is a great way to worship God together. There is never any pressure on anyone to join in (though we encourage you to give it a go!) and the music is loud enough that your voice won’t stand out unless you want it to.

How long will the sermon be?

Again, each service is different, but we aim for about 15 minutes at the 8:45 am gathering, about 25 minutes at the 10:30 am gathering and about 20 minutes at the 7 pm gathering.

Will my children have something to do?

All of our groups for those under 18 take place during the 10 am service, so if you have children or teenagers, we encourage you to come along then. There is plenty for them to get involved in there, and all the information can be found here.

Will I be made to join in?

Nobody is made to do anything if they don’t want to in our services. There are sometimes chances to talk to those around you or say hello to someone, but there is no pressure to do so. From time to time, we encourage people in the congregation to lead us by praying, but we do not single people out and ask them to do something without talking to them about it first.

What happens when you include communion in a service?

We use a variety of formats when we have communion in a gathering. Sometimes we pass the bread and wine along rows, sometimes we invite people to come to the front. When passing along a row, some people will say a few words, while others do not – it’s entirely up to you. If you do not want to take communion you should feel comfortable not doing so.  You can remain in your place and/or pass the bread and wine along the row,

What should I wear?

There is no dress code for attending our church services. We want you to be comfortable, so come as you are. At the 8:45 service, you might notice that people come a little more formally, but there is no pressure to do so.

What if I don’t know anyone?

Then Gold Hill is a great place to come and meet some new people! We hope that you will feel you’ve received a warm welcome, and we have a team to greet you and make sure you feel at home. If you are visiting, someone will give you a little welcome pack to let you know a little about us, so don’t be a stranger!

Can I come if I’m not a Christian?

Yes! Gold Hill is a church for everyone – you don’t have to believe before you can belong. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, or even if you feel you’re not on a journey at all, we would love you to join us and we hope you will find your time with us inspiring, useful and enjoyable.

Do you use the gifts of the spirit?

We do. We believe that God speaks today, first and foremost through the Bible (which is why we always open it and preach from it when we gather) but also by His Spirit through His people using gifts that He gives them. So we will often share what we sense are words of prophecy, pray for healing and encourage the use of all spiritual gifts, in accordance with the instructions and guidance of the New Testament.