All are welcome!

Our church activities are designed to be fully accessible to all.  All entrances to the building are step-free. Inside we have a disabled toilet and there is a lift to every level. We have a hearing loop.

On Sundays, people with restricted mobility are able to park in the Misbourne Surgery next door – but not in the doctors’ spaces.

If you have special needs, please contact the church office in advance so we can make appropriate provisions. This could include arranging for signing during the meeting, reserving our disabled parking spot, or providing large print copies of the words to songs.  During our gatherings, members of our Connect team are always available to help.

We can also cater for disabilities in our online activity. Most of our YouTube videos are captioned or sub-titled.  In Zoom meetings, we can switch on the real-time subtitles. If you need help accessing online activities, we have people who can come alongside you to help.

“As a person with mobility issues, I was very impressed with how much accessibility has been woven into the design of the whole building. When I arrived I was struggling and was immediately offered the use of the church wheelchair which I was not expecting. Every floor is accessible by using the lift and the corridors are wide meaning that there is plenty of room for a wheelchair as well.”

(visitor to our building)

Don’t keep silent

If you feel we haven’t adequately made allowance for your special needs or those of people you know, then please tell us. We need your feedback so that we can do better next time.