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One Another

SEP - NOV 2021

(Sermons: 9)

How are we supposed to treat each other? This series goes through a number of ' another' sayings in the Bible to answer that question.

Summer of Blessing

AUG 2021

(Sermons: 5)

During the summer, we want to be a blessing! And we're looking at lots of times when God blesses people, to see what that means.


MAY – JULY 2021

(Sermons: 11)

Why is the Christian life different? That is one of the big themes of 1 Peter in the New Testament, and this series explores the whole book.


MAR - APR 2021

(Sermons: 7)

A series exploring life: what it's meant to be, how to live it well, when it goes wrong and how we treat it.

How Big is Your God?

FEB - MAR 2021

(Sermons: 6)

The view we have of God, in our minds, our hearts and our lives, impacts everything. So how big is our God?

Get In Shape (Month of Prayer)

JAN 2021

(Sermons: 6)

Our Month of Prayer theme for January 2021 is all about getting into the shape God wants us to be in.

Together at Christmas

NOV - DEC 2020

(Sermons: 4)

What can we learn about God from the way He planned the first Christmas? It has a lot to do with being 'together'.

Don't Settle for (New) Normal

Sep – Nov 2020

(Sermons: 10)

As we emerge from lockdown, what will shape our life? The old normal, and new one, or what Jesus says?

Stepping Out

Jul–Aug 2020

(Sermons: 6)

How do we step out of lockdown well? This series gives practical advice based on the Bible to help us out.

Jesus is...

Apr – May 2020

(Sermons: 9)

Who is Jesus? During the Coronavirus lockdown, we explore different aspects of who Jesus is. How will we respond?

Big Fish, Bigger God (Jonah)

(Sermons: 5)

A short series during lockdown looking at a famous story of the runaway prophet, asking what it means for us today.

Jesus + Nothing = Everything

FEB – APR 2020

(Sermons: 5)

What is the equation of your life with God? Is it about what you do or what He has done? This is a series all about grace!

Month of Prayer (Jan 2020)

Jan 2020

(Sermons: 8)

2020 started with a Month of Prayer, and during it we sought to be re-inspired by God to pray, fast and depend on Him.

Acts 29: The Church for Today

Sep - Nov 2019

(Sermons: 8)

What kind of church is God calling us to be, today? We explore that question as we seek to step into God's movement.

Dear Church (Rev 1-3)

Sep - Nov 2019

(Sermons: 12)

In this series, we see how God spoke to 7 churches in Revelation, and ask Him to speak to us. Will we listen?

Wise Up (Proverbs)

Jul - Sep 2019

(Sermons: 6)

A summer series looking at wisdom for life in the book of Proverbs. What does it mean to live life well?

Pass It On! (Acts 3-4)

Jun - Jul 2019

(Sermons: 4)

Just after Pentecost, the church was on the move to share Jesus. An event shook and shaped them, but what happened?

Becuase He Lives (1 Cor 15)

Apr - Jun 2019

(Sermons: 5)

Jesus is alive! As we move on from Easter, we do not move on from the empty tomb, but instead explore why it still matters that Jesus is risen.

Looking at Life

(Sermons: 1)

Talks from our 'Looking at Life' events, for women and mothers navigating all of the ups and downs of life together.

On the Move (Discipleship)

Feb - Apr 2019

(Sermons: 9)

What does it look like to follow Jesus? This is a 9 week series exploring exactly that question, and taking seriously different aspects of discipleship.

Dream Big, Pray Bigger

Jan 2019

(Sermons: 8)

We started off 2019 with a month of prayer, in which we dreamed big dreams and prayed bigger prayers!

Closer than you think (Christmas)

Dec 2018

(Sermons: 7)

By coming to earth in Jesus, God shows his desire to be close to us, and close to the world! Will we respond and come near?

Just Do It (James)

Sep - Nov 2018

(Sermons: 6)

A morning series in the book of James, as we allow God to challenge us and lead us to get active in our faith as disciples.

If my people

Sep – Nov 2018

(Sermons: 7)

Short messages from our 7pm services as we turn to God in prayer, all based on 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Mountaintop (Sermon on the Mount)

Jul–Aug 2018

(Sermons: 6)

An evening series. A mountaintop experience with Jesus, whatever it is, is exciting but has to transform who we are when we come down.

Summer of Love

Jul–Sep 2018

(Sermons: 5)

A 10am series getting practical about being people who are exceptional at loving our world. It is so important, but what does it look like?

Soul Songs (Psalms)

Jul–Sep 2018

(Sermons: 8)

We all have different season of our lives and souls. The Psalms show how we can approach God no matter the song our soul is singing.

Tranformed People, Transform Places

June - July 2018

(Sermons: 12)

Sunday teaching during our 'month of blessing' as we remeber that we have been blessed to be a blessing.

Songs for Life

(Sermons: 5)

A series in our evening services exploring lyrics from songs we sing, why we should mean them and how we can mean them more!

Choose Life (Deuteronomy)

April - June 2018

(Sermons: 8)

A10am series on Deuteronomy, where the people of God are at a key moment in their life together. But how will they move forward?

Friend of God (Abraham)

April - June 2018

(Sermons: 9)

A series at our 8:15 services exploring the life of Abraham, and seeing what it means for us to live as friends of God.

This is our God

Feb–Mar 2018

(Sermons: 5)

An evening series capturing different aspects of God and how He relates to us in our lives.

Life with the End in Sight (Revelation)

Jan–Mar 2018

(Sermons: 9)

A morning series in the book of Revelation, and how God calls us to live now in light of what He has done and what He will do.

Fruitful People

Jan–Mar 2018

(Sermons: 10)

At our 8:15 service, we explore the Fruit of the Spirit, asking how life inspired by God looks.

The Compass of Christmas

Nov–Dec 2017

(Sermons: 4)

At our 8:15 service, we explore four heralds of Jesus, each of which point us to Christ as the centre of everything.

Church Family Night

Oct–Nov 2017

(Sermons: 6)

Some of the recordings and study notes from our Tuesday evening gatherings during 2017.

Encounters with Jesus

Sep–Oct 2017

(Sermons: 5)

In our 7pm service, we explore Jesus through the eyes of people who met Him and ask how we can encounter Him today.

Your Kingdom Come

Jun–Nov 2017

(Sermons: 18)

A morning series exploring the whole of the Lord’s Prayer, line by line, exploring what it means to pray it and to live in light of it.

Hopeful People (Colossians)

Apr–Nov 2017

(Sermons: 27)

At our 8:15 series, we explore the book of Colossians, and how God gives us hope to live life because of who we are in Him.

The 'With God' Life

Jul–Aug 2017

(Sermons: 5)

In our 7pm service, we explore Jesus’ farewell words to His disciples in John 15–16 and are encouraged to live life connected with Him.

Signs of Life

Apr–May 2017

(Sermons: 6)

An evening series looking at the seven ‘signs’ (miracles) in John’s Gospel, and what they reveal about who Jesus is.

Resurrection People

Apr–May 2017

(Sermons: 6)

A morning series looking at verse 10 of each chapter of Ephesians, exploring the journey they take us on.

A Community of Grace

Feb–Apr 2017

(Sermons: 9)

We explore the implications of God’s grace for the way we relate to one another, and see how God’s grace is at work in each of our Core Values.

Jesus at the Centre of It All (Mark)

Jan 2016 – Apr 2017

(Sermons: 34)

A morning series exploring the Gospel of Mark, and how the identity and mission of Jesus shape our identity and our mission.

New Things

Jan 2017

(Sermons: 4)

An evening series at the start of a New Year exploring new ways God might want to move in our lives.

Fresh Ways

Oct–Nov 2016

(Sermons: 5)

In June of 2016, we believe God spoke to us in a prophetic word, and we take five Sundays to explore that from Scripture.

Understanding the Times


(Sermons: 12)

From Brexit and elections, to everyday questions of trust and resilience, we explore issues that affect us all in our modern world.

Gifts of the Spirit

July–Oct 2015

(Sermons: 11)

An evening series exploring the different gifts of the Spirit found in the New Testament, what they are and how they work.

God's Great Purpose

Jan–Nov 2015

(Sermons: 38)

A journey through the whole Old Testament, book by book, exploring how God's purposes have been developing through all history.

Church: No Plan B (Acts)

Sep 2012 - Nov 2014

(Sermons: 73)

A morning series journeying through the whole of the book of Acts, seeing the exhilarating story of the early church's mission and purpose.

Advent Sermons

(Sermons: 21)

Recordings from the Advent and Christmas season at Gold Hill over the years.

Easter Sermons

(Sermons: 19)

Recordings from the Easter season at Gold Hill over the years.

Pentecost Sermons

(Sermons: 7)

Recordings from Pentecost sermons throughout the years at Gold Hill.

Preaching Masterclasses


(Sermons: 5)

Recordings from our 'Preaching Masterclass' training events, with a variety of different speakers and topics.