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Gospel Rooted Living

April - July 2024

(Sermons: 7)

Holy Moments

March - April 2024

(Sermons: 6)

Secure Not Safe

January 2024

(Sermons: 5)

Always Christmas and Never Winter

(Sermons: 3)

Are you ready?

December 2023

(Sermons: 4)

Fully Devoted

October 2023

(Sermons: 3)


September 2023

(Sermons: 3)

Postcards from Paul

(Sermons: 4)


From June 2023

(Sermons: 7)

The King's Manifesto

(Sermons: 10)


Feb-March 2023

(Sermons: 8)

As In Heaven

8 Jan to 29 Jan 2023

(Sermons: 4)

Advent 2022: Still a Great Christmas

November - December 2022

(Sermons: 5)

Principled: Foundations for Life

OCT-NOV 2022

(Sermons: 9)

The series explores key principles that can act as a foundation for our lives.

I Will Build My Church

SEP - OCT 2022

(Sermons: 4)

This series explores one of the passages that teaches HOW Jesus has established his church to be built. Ephesians 4:1-16.

God is... // is God...?

JUN - JUL 2022

(Sermons: 7)

Every big claim about God raises big questions for people today, and this series spends time exploring both! Do we really believe what we believe?

More Like Jesus (Luke 4–7)

FEB - MAY 2022

(Sermons: 13)

This series goes through some of the early chapters of Luke's gospel, seeing what Jesus is like and how we can follow Him.

Further In, Further Out

(Sermons: 4)

January 2022, we are starting the year with 21 Days of Prayer, drawing Further In to God so He can take us Further Out with Him.

Nothing seems impossible anymore

(Sermons: 5)

Our Advent series is all about the impossible becoming possible. Because of Jesus, that's exactly what has happened!

One Another

SEP - NOV 2021

(Sermons: 9)

How are we supposed to treat each other? This series goes through a number of ' another' sayings in the Bible to answer that question.

Summer of Blessing

AUG 2021

(Sermons: 5)

During the summer, we want to be a blessing! And we're looking at lots of times when God blesses people, to see what that means.


MAY – JULY 2021

(Sermons: 11)

Why is the Christian life different? That is one of the big themes of 1 Peter in the New Testament, and this series explores the whole book.


MAR - APR 2021

(Sermons: 7)

A series exploring life: what it's meant to be, how to live it well, when it goes wrong and how we treat it.

How Big is Your God?

FEB - MAR 2021

(Sermons: 6)

The view we have of God, in our minds, our hearts and our lives, impacts everything. So how big is our God?

Get In Shape (Month of Prayer)

JAN 2021

(Sermons: 5)

Our Month of Prayer theme for January 2021 is all about getting into the shape God wants us to be in.

Easter Sermons

(Sermons: 2)

Recordings from the Easter season at Gold Hill over the years.