Losing sight of Jesus?

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posted byLydia Hartwell21 September 2017 Last Sunday evening Dave was exploring the story of Philip and Nathanael meeting Jesus recorded in John 1:43-51. As he spoke, the words of Philip in verse 46 really stood out to me, “Come and see.” Come and see. In other words, don’t just take my word for it, come... Read more »

Claudette’s story

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At the start of 2017, Claudette Fisher-Johnson contracted body lice while delivering some items to folk who were in need. This started a very difficult five-month journey, during which there were real struggles, but also real evidences of God's grace at work. On 10th September 2017, Claudette sat down with Dave Criddle during one of... Read more »

Do we realise how blessed we are?

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This past Sunday evening in our service, Malcolm was sharing around the theme of blessing. When we seek blessing, pray for blessing, desire blessing in our lives, what is it that we mean? Malcolm was challenging us that when we are looking for material blessing, an easy life, for things to be simple and pain-free,... Read more »