As a church we have dedicated the first Tuesday of each month as a day of fasting and prayer for revival. There are two aspects to these days.

Firstly, we encourage all those in the Gold Hill family to make time during the day for “prayer and fasting”. This would be additional to any time that you normally spend in prayer.  For example, you may choose to miss eating lunch and instead go for a prayer walk in your neighbourhood.  You might choose not to watch TV or surf the internet in order to make time for prayer.

Secondly, we invite you all to attend one of our prayer meetings in The Hub at,

  • 12.30 pm, and
  • 8.00 pm

Why do we do this?

At our morning gathering on 28 August 2022, we read Acts 13.  We learned that it was as the church at Antioch worshipped, prayed and fasted that they heard God speak to them.  Their subsequent obedience in commissioning Paul and Barnabas led to vast numbers of people in Turkey and Greece having their lives transformed as they heard the Good News.  What could God do through our church if we took this lesson to heart?

Charles Spurgeon once said ‘Prayer is the breath of faith. Prayer meetings are the lungs of the church.’ As a whole church family, let’s breathe deeply each first Tuesday and continue to grow as a people of prayer, listening to and speaking with our Heavenly Father with whom all things are possible.