Minnis Bay (online) 2020

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posted byAvtar Hunter-Singh24 July 2020 Every year, Minnis Bay happens in Kent - it is a huge undertaking, reaching children, young people and families with God's love and good news on the beach. As a church, we have a long history of supporting this great work, and many of the volunteers come from Gold Hill.... Read more »

Stepping Out of Lockdown: A Pathway

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posted byStephen Walker-Williams14 July 2020 [This blog post shares the pathway we will follow as we step out of lockdown. It is also available as a PDF if you would prefer.] At the start of the Coronavirus lockdown our church services quickly transferred online and onto the phone, with an increasing number tuning in each Sunday to worship Jesus... Read more »

We are a Praying People

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posted byStephen Walker-Williams13 July 2020 At the core of our church and fundamental to being a follower of Jesus is that we pray. We converse with God; talking and listening with our Heavenly Father and wonderful Creator. At the moment, this is some of what that means for us. Private Prayer The Church has been opened... Read more »

House of Prayer and a Place of Hope

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As a church family we recognise that we don’t need to go to a specific place to have a conversation with God. We are not bound to a location, but free to talk and listen to Jesus directly, anywhere and anytime. We recognise though that God has asked us as a church to be a... Read more »

Communion – 23rd August

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We're so glad you want to join us for communion this morning. This communion call is replacing BOTH of our usual Zoom calls today, 23rd August. Please follow the link below by clicking on the button to begin the Zoom meeting. Please note that if you are familiar with Zoom, you may prefer to simply... Read more »

A Conversation About Loss

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This is a video from Stephen and Jackie, two of our leaders and pastors. They share around the theme of loss in the time of the pandemic. There are lots of kinds of loss we might be facing, and they are not easy to navigate. So how do we do that? They share their thoughts... Read more »

Easter According to Kids

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Over Easter, we asked a number of children to tell us the Easter story. The four videos below are what they told us, starting at Palm Sunday and heading all the way through to Easter Sunday. The wonderful truth of Easter, as told by kids! 1. Palm Sunday 2. Last Supper 3. Jesus dies 4.... Read more »

God and Social Distancing

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What does God think about social distancing? Might seem a strange question, but we actually think he might have a fair bit to say! Here's a video we've made to explore that idea and find some hope in the middle of it all.

Behind Closed Doors

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This post is a summary of a message from Stephen Walker-Williams (on behalf of our elders) to update and encourage us. 24 March 2020. 'Although the doors were shut, Jesus came and stood among them and said, "Peace be with you"' (John 20:26) Many of us will have tuned in to Boris Johnson's update yesterday evening... Read more »