Ongoing Steps

Most of life is lived in the everyday, so how can you grow with God there?

The start of our Christian journey is so important, and from time to time there will be experiences and opportunities for a bigger leap. But most of a Christian’s life is about growing in faith and maturity as a follower of Jesus, and taking steps forward in this is such a good thing to do! Have a watch of this video, then have an explore below to see where you might be able to continue growing.

If you want to explore starting or growing in faith but aren’t sure this is the right way for you to do it, click here to see other things we think might help you.

Where will you invest next?

The big question for you now is this: ‘What area of my faith can I take a step forward in?’ If these 4 areas describe a follower of Jesus, where can you invest so you can grow in your faith? (Maybe a fuller explanation of each area might help? Click here to get a PDF that breaks it down more). Here are 3 things you can do to decide:

  1. Pray and ask God. He knows where he wants you to go next, so ask him to highlight an area to seek to deepen.
  2. Talk with someone. Ask someone for a conversation to help you take stock. (You can get in touch at the bottom of the page.)
  3. Just decide! It may not seem super-spiritual, but they’re all good areas to invest in, so just pick and go for it!

You can click on each of the links below to be taken to a great bank of resources that you can use to help you as you seek to grow further in that area.

This is about being rooted in God with everything we are. If you want to grow in that, click here.

He is able, so we can rely on God for our all. If you want to lean on God more, click here.

We aren’t meant to do it alone, but with God’s people. If you want to connect more deeply, click here.

The healthiest things grow and multiply. To help you see God’s life reproduced in others, click here.