You are invited to come see and play your part in the discussions to “fill in the details” / make a plan how we will better reach, restore and release Men in our community for the next two years (at least). Click here to book your place.

  • We will start with a Friday night social @ the Hub – chill & chat on the patio, indoor boules, light refreshments (2000-2200).
  • We will continue with a Saturday breakfast @ the Hub and On Zoom (0800-1000) – click here for details.
  • We will then meet Saturday @ the Hub mid-day to “fill in the details” / make a plan building on our 12/13 May gathering conversations (link available 18 June). This will consist of a before noon session (1100 for 1115-1230), a break for lunch (1230-1300) and an afternoon session (1300-1415). Rob Santer will again be with us to help us get over the planning finish line. Note: Zoom link available here.
  • At the end of the afternoon session, we will pray and give thanks for all that God has done at our Men’s What Next gathering and will do through us in the years to come (1415-1430).
  • For those who can stay, we will clean up (1430-1500).

We have designed the What Next Gathering so you can join in when you can – Friday social, Saturday breakfast, Saturday mid-day lunch and plan sessions. Come to one. Come to all. We never want to walk alone on this journey without you. No one left behind. Click here to book your place

Want to be part of our Gathering Organising Team to propose, pray and prepare the details. Contact Ridgely Johnson by Text 07831 149 828.