Gold Hill is a church family seeking to be an authentic, Christ-like community, encountering God, making disciples and transforming the world. Our main building is in Chalfont St Peter, but we meet in small groups across Bucks & W.London.

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Malachi Study Notes
Part 38 Psalms
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 This Week at Gold Hill 
Sunday 29 November
9:00amMorning Meeting @ Main Church & Extension
11:00amMorning Meeting @ Main Church & Extension
5:30pmBreathe - youth worship @ CSP Youth Centre
8:00pmEvening Meeting (Fresh) @ Main Church & Extension
Tuesday 1 December
10:00amVitality - Ladies' Bible Study @ Extension
10:15amPraying for Prodigals @ Room One
Wednesday 2 December
10:30amSeniors' Day @ Hall
7:30pmLive Boys Group @ thespace
8:00pmVitality - Evening Bible Study... @ Lower Lounge
Thursday 3 December
9:30amRenew Life Group @ Extension
2:00pmLadies' Fellowship @ Lower lounge
Friday 4 December
6:30amEarly Morning Prayer @ Church
10:00amToddler Praise @ Hall, Kitchen