Gold Hill is seeking to be an authentic Christ-like community

For us these are not just words – they underpin everything we are trying to be and do. Alongside our values, this vision informs our decisions and our actions as we seek to live for God.

“…seeking to be…”

We are on a journey. We haven’t got there yet and still have plenty that God needs to do in us as we walk this road together.


We don’t want to look impressive but in fact be shallow. Gold Hill is a place where we want people to come exactly as they are. No pretence and no masks.


Jesus is at the centre of everything. We want to know Him more closely and look more and more like Him, as individuals and as a church family.


We are in this together. Whether in large groups, smaller groups or one-to-one, we are committed to finding ways of journeying together.

As part of seeking to be an authentic, Christ-like community, we believe God has called us to focus in on three main areas: encountering God, making disciples, and transforming the world.

Encountering God

At Gold Hill, we believe that God is alive, that God speaks today and that He wants to meet with us in personally and powerfully. That is why we gather together on Sundays, so that we can meet with Him together by worshiping Him, praying together and hearing Him speak through His word the Bible being read and preached. At all of these services, we also have a prayer ministry team ready to come alongside people and pray with them for whatever it is they need.

But encountering God is about far more than just our Sunday gatherings. We are seeking to cultivate a community where every member is deepening their relationships with God, learning to encounter Him more and more deeply every day of their lives. We have a Life Group ministry so that we can meet with God together in smaller groups, along with a prayer room in our village so that people can set time aside to spend with God.

In all of the different ways we seek to encounter God, our desire is not merely that we would be able to enjoy it, but that through meeting with Him we would be transformed, changed and equipped to share the story of His amazing love with those we meet.

Making Disciples

There are three words in the New Testament used for a disciple, and they can be translated as ‘learner’, ‘follower’ and ‘imitator’ – to grow as disciples, we need to be growing in our understanding of Jesus, getting closer to Him as His follower, and looking more and more like Him. All three are essential.

We have lots of things going on at Gold Hill to help people in their discipleship journeys. Our teaching on Sundays all aims to equip people by broadening understanding and spurring on to lives lived for Jesus. We encourage everyone who is part of the Gold Hill family to be in a Life Group with others who can support and encourage them. We run different courses and events at various times to train and equip. We also have material released online to inspire and equip.

An essential part of being a disciple of Jesus is serving others, so we encourage everyone to find ways to get involved. Whether it is by volunteering and joining a team, or by joining us as an intern to invest a year in your discipleship and future, there is a way for everyone to use what God has given to build His Kingdom.

Wherever you are in your journey of discipleship, there is always another step to take, and we hope and pray that at Gold Hill there is something to encourage you as you seek to take it.

Transforming the World

God has a heart for the whole world, for people and creation to be transformed by his goodness, power and Lordship. So much of what we see around us, the brokenness, despair and corruption, is not how God wants us to live. He wants to bring wholeness, hope and justice to our world. Peace and light where there is violence and darkness.

God has seen and heard what is going on so we believe He did something about it, and came Himself, entering the world He had made in order to put it right.

He also then sends His church into the world, the communities, the work and play places, to bring about His transformation of all areas of life. In the same way as He breathes his new life into his people through His Spirit, He calls us to go and breathe the life of God into the places we go.

At Gold Hill, part of our vision is to join with God in His work of transforming the world. This can be through providing practical help or support like through a Foodbank or a place for someone to come and be listened to. It can also be by someone going overseas or across a room to tell someone about the hope and new life that comes through knowing Jesus.