Join us as we embark on a journey to integrate Ukrainians into English society while celebrating and popularising Ukrainian culture. Experience a beautiful fusion of heritage and future, fostering an inclusive environment where every child can thrive.

Doors open 6 p.m. for buffet style food & drink with event from 7 to 9 p.m.

Includes …

  • Welcome Address by Bucks Council member.
  • Musical performance by two distinguished Ukrainian musicians—Yuriy Soroka on violin and Olha Solonets on piano. Yuriy has performed in Europe’s most prestigious venues and is an active educator. Olha, a seasoned pianist and teacher, recently performed at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Quiz about Ukrainian culture hosted by Tania.
  • Songs performed by siblings Zlata and Sava from Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine. Sava is a soloist of the Verbytsia Folk Ensemble, specializing in authentic folklore.
  • A live art performance by Alexandra Dikaya, a Ukrainian writer and artist, accompanied by the musical compositions of globally-acclaimed Maria Yaremak. Alexandra is the author of the bestselling “Tales of the Moon Mill” and has her own online academy, ADD MAGIC ACADEMY.
  • Auction of artwork from the Performance.

Special Features

  • Yuriy Soroka: An esteemed violinist, active educator, and participant in philanthropic concerts alongside Emmy award-winning composer Gavin Greenaway.
  • Olha Solonets: A pianist with decades of experience in teaching, most recently honored with a performance at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Alexandra Dikaya: A multi-talented artist and writer, founder of ADD MAGIC ACADEMY, and philanthropist supporting Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Zlata and Sava: From Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine, a war-torn area, they’ve found refuge in Great Britain, carrying with them their unique cultural heritage.
  • Maria Yaremak: A composer and arranger whose works have resonated from Europe to Hollywood. She co-arranged Marina Krut’s “Kolyskova” for Ukraine’s Eurovision.

Tickets & Donations

🎟 Click here to Book your Seat: When booking a seat, you can select ‘Ticket with £5 donation’ or ‘Ticket with £10 donation’ or ‘Free ticket without donation’. Bookings close midnight on 11th October

💖 Click here to Make a Donation: Additional donations can be made as a symbol of lending Ukrainian children in the UK a helping hand. Each “helping hand” donation will help Ukrainian children experience quality development.

Your participation is more than just attendance—it’s a generous act that directly aids the integration of Ukrainian children into English society. Come, let’s celebrate diversity and create a harmonious future together. Your contribution can make a real difference.