Big Leaps

Is it time to take a bigger step forward? What could that be for you?

Christian faith is an ongoing journey, but there are times to take a more decisive step as we seek to grow and build our lives following Jesus. We think there are lots of good ways to do that, and this page shares a few that you could consider.

If you aren’t sure these are really the right thing for you but do want to explore growing in your faith, click here to see some other things that might be better for you.

Join a course

A great way to grow and take a next step is to sign up and take part in a course. There are a few which we run regularly. These include ‘Deeper and Wilder’ which is all about growing in our ability to listen to God and hear Him speak to us, and ‘The Bible Course’ which is all about getting to grips with the Bible so we can live life in response to God’s word.

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Short term trips

God can transform your life right where you are, but He also sometimes calls us to go out of our normal areas of life to serve somewhere else. That could be overseas or in the UK, and can look like all kinds of different things. He also sometimes calls us to do that longer term. The purpose is always to serve others, but the effects us on us as we go are often huge. Our Cross Cultural Team would love to help you explore this.

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Serving – activate your gifts

Jesus said he came ‘not to be served but to serve’. To follow Him is to serve others, and there are all sorts of ways of doing that. This isn’t about filling a rota, but about exploring the gifts and skills God has given and seeing how you can use them to bless others and build God’s Kingdom. Everybody who follows Jesus has a part to play, and discovering or rediscovering yours is huge!

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Help someone take a step

Just as there have been people who have helped you take steps forward with Jesus, we can all do that for others. Often that is in a fairly low-key way, but there are also opportunities to help lead things like Alpha, to mentor someone, or take them through Formation, a short course for people new to faith (a next step for you and a first step for them!). There would be training and investment to help you if you wanted to explore it.

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