On 5th June 2016, Malcolm Duncan shared what he believed to be a word from the Lord for Gold Hill. The eldership spent time praying and weighing this word, and believe this is God speaking to us. The full word is found below, and a brief video from the eldership sharing it can be found beneath.

Prophetic Word in Full

God wants to move in a fresh way in our church family. He wants to bring healing, hope and restoration to many here. He does not want to repeat the past, He wants to craft a better future than any of us have thought possible. He is leading us into a season when He will draw people from around the world to come and encounter Him here. He will transform lives, He will heal bodies, He will deliver the demonised. He will also challenge our comfort, strip back our pride, teaching us to depend upon Him again, leading us into new territory, upsetting our assumptions, removing our props, exposing our sin, purifying our intentions and transforming our Church life. We will learn new things, experience new power, break new ground and see more than we ever thought possible. He asks us to be willing, to be open and to be obedient.

He wants us to submit to Him, to trust Him and to learn the lessons of faith, courage and boldness.

He will raise up pastors, plant churches and release gifts in and through this community. He will re-vitalise fading dreams, re-activate dormant gifts and re-envision tired hearts. He will not always give the answers that we expect or the things that we think we need, but He will give us the answers that we need and the things that will advance His Kingdom.

The next five years will be years when we see the unexpected, experience things that we have never experienced before, grow in fresh revelation and walk in a new intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

He will shake the nations through what He does here.
He will challenge the status quo through what He does here.
He will bring the unwelcomed to us.
He will speak directly into peoples’ lives and hearts here.
He will birth a new passion for the Kingdom amongst us.
The cost is simple: our lives, our willing obedience, our readiness to abandon our agendas for His.

He invites us to the adventure of a life time. All He wants is our willingness. And if we say no, He will raise up another body.

The choice is ours.

A Video from the Elders