As we’ve done in the last two years, we are starting 2021 with January as a Month of Prayer. It’ll be a month where we focus our attention on prayer and praying. This page shares a few simple things about that, and includes a guide to download with a whole lot more!


We have a theme for our Month of Prayer, and it is: ‘Get In Shape’. We will be praying that God would help us get in the shape He wants us to be in, to prepare ourselves, to live in the ways He wants us to and to be formed by Him. That’s a prayer for our whole church, but it’s also a prayer for us as individuals.

On Sundays, we’ll consider different parts of who we are – physical, spiritual, financial, relational – and ask God to get those parts of our lives into the shape He wants for us. We’re also calling everyone to be asking what shape he wants for us as a whole church as we move into the future.

Get the guide!

We’ve put together a guide for the month for you to download and use. It has information and inspiration around all sorts of things: prompts for your prayers, details about Sundays, fasting opportunities, children and young people, and a few other things too.

Download it by clicking here, or on the image below.

Verse for the year

We have also chosen a verse for the year. It’s not a verse just for this month of prayer, but it’s during this month that we’ll begin to explore it and let it shape who we are for the whole year. It’s a prayer itself, and one which we think is so important for us right now!

If you want to know what it is and how you can make it your prayer too, then follow this link to a page all about it!