Easter At The Hub

In February, we welcomed thousands of guests to the Hub for the Narnia Experience. In March, we invite you to celebrate the story behind the story: Jesus has risen from the dead, having given himself as a sacrifice to secure our freedom!

 There, shining in the sunrise, larger than they had seen him before, shaking his mane (for it had apparently grown again) stood Aslan himself. “Oh, Aslan!” cried both the children, staring up at him, almost as much frightened as they were glad. “Aren’t you dead then, dear Aslan?” said Lucy. “Not now,” said Aslan. “You’re not—not a—?” asked Susan in a shaky voice. She couldn’t bring herself to say the word ghost. Aslan stooped his golden head and licked her forehead. The warmth of his breath and a rich sort of smell that seemed to hang about his hair came all over her. “Do I look it?” he said. “Oh, you’re real, you’re real! Oh, Aslan!” cried Lucy, and both girls flung themselves upon him and covered him with kisses.”

C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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Palm Sunday Gatherings

24 March at 8.45 am and 10.30 am

Holy Moment: Jesus rides into Jerusalem and clears the temple.

Both gatherings will include communion.

Week of Prayer

24 to 31 March

During the week leading up to Easter Day, we will have several opportunities to meet for prayer:

Monday to Friday 9am in the Hub

Wednesday 12 noon in the Hub

Good Friday 7am on Zoom

Saturday 7am on Zoom

Sunday 9am in the Prayer Room

Good Friday Litter Pick

29 March from 9 to 10 am

We will be serving the community by litter-picking. Afterwards meet at The Hub at 10 am for Hot Cross Buns.

Click here for further details

Good Friday Service

29 March at 10.30 am (refreshments from 10 am)

Holy Moment: on the Cross.

This service will include communion.

Passover Meal

29 March  at 6pm

Share a Passover meal with teaching from James Cole

Click here for further details.

Resurrection Day Early Gathering

31 March at 8.45 am

Don’t forget to put your clock forward on Saturday evening!

Holy moment to holy momentum from the grave.

This gathering will include communion and is followed by refreshments.

Resurrection Day Music and Celebration

31 March at 10.30 am
Don’t forget to put your clock forward on Saturday evening!

Holy Moment to holy Momentum from the Grave.

Children will join for the start of the gathering and then leave to meet in separate groups.

This service will be streamed online.

Come early for refreshments from 10 am

Bounce Eggstravaganza!

31 March from 4 to 5.30pm

Bring your parents, friends, siblings and neighbours to celebrate Easter!

Fun-filled party of crafts, challenges, refreshments, music, games & more!

Booking is required – click here

For full details of all our activities, please visit our Online Notice Board.