2024 Prayer Focus

We are “adopting” the Malay in Malaysia as our Unreached People group in 2024 as a celebration and marking of the early mission sending from Gold Hill in the 1970s.

Margaret Hollands was one of the first supported and sent missionary from Gold Hill. She had previously been in China with OMF and had to leave during the political unrest. We are marking our 250-year anniversary by celebrating the impact of mission work from Gold Hill over the years. In particular, we’ll be praying for the Malay people who remain unreached and who were one of the groups that Margaret served amongst after her many years in China. Margaret Hollands was a very real influencer for many of our current mission partners from Gold Hill.  We celebrate in our 250th year the value and importance of mentoring and vision-casting to the next generation.

The Hokkien people group who Margaret was working with are now a reached people group we thank God for this fruitfulness and answered prayers from Gold Hill members over the decades, and are inspired to now pray for the Malay who remain very unreached.

Who are the Malay?

Malay is an ethnic group  of about 18 million people. Of these 13 million live in the country of Malaysia, making up 38% of the population.

Malaysia’s constitution was drawn up in 1957 when the country became independent from the UK. It defines the Malay people as being those who profess the religion of Islam, habitually speak the Malay language, conform to Malay custom and who were born, or descended from someone born, in Malaysia or Singapore before 1957.

The Malay in Malaysia are therefore 100% Muslim. “To be Malay is to be Muslim.”

Malaysia ranks 49th in the 2024 Open Doors World Watch List of countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution. This is a fall of six places since 2023, mainly because of a drop in the number of violent incidents recorded and fewer Christians being forced to leave their homes.

The Malay people are seen in all levels of Malaysian society.  Many Malay people are educated urban businesspeople, while others are farmers, traders or fishermen in rural areas. Malay students have many opportunities to start businesses. The Malay people are internationally known for beautiful art forms such as: wood carvings, metal figurines, pottery, dances, poetry and clothing.

Malay families are closely connected. Three generations often live together in one household. They join with relatives for many “Kendura” (celebrations) and help each other in multiple ways. However, technology paired with the desire for material prosperity are diluting traditional values.

The Malay people embrace the Islamic religious system, though they allow for spiritual compromises. Although Islam forbids the use Of a shaman Or witch  doctor, many Malays seek their services  when they are experiencing a difficult  situation. In summary, they have allowed no  place in their hearts for a Saviour.

Malaysia is divided into two main geographical regions: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. These two regions are 750 miles apart, separated by the South China Sea.

Points for Prayer


Let all that I am praise the Lord; With my whole heart, I Will  praise His holy name. Psalm 103:1

Pray that the Lord will raise up many from this people group who will worship Him with their whole hearts.

Pray that the Malay church would have 10% of the population following Jesus by the end of 2027.

Prayer Mobilisation:

Pray for an ever-increasing extraordinary prayer movement, people who are persistent in prayer

New prayer initiative, 2027: Beyond the Horizon

  • Ever-increasing Malaysian Christians to be mobilized and praying for the Malay people
  • Ever-increasing expats and international community praying for the Malay people
  • Ever-increasing Malay-focused prayer meetings
  • Ever-increasing Malay-focused prayer trips

Bible, Witness and Disciple Making:

  • Pray for the Word of the Lord to go out to all the Malay of Malaysia (mouth to ear)
  • Ever-increasing Gospel witness by Malaysian Christians and near-cultural believers

Online Outreach:

Pray for the Word of the Lord to go out online to all the Malay of Malaysia.

Media to Movements team creating content, responding and filtering online and handing off for offline face to face discipleship.

Workers: Labourers for the Harvest

  • Malaysian Christian labourers
  • Endure persecution