Life with the End in Sight

A series in Revelation

In our 10am services during January to March 2018, we explored the whole of the book of Revelation. This is the place to find all the details for the whole series, and find all of the study notes we made along the way. If you would like a CD with the whole series, please get in touch.


1. God is still on the throne

Revelation 1 (Jan 14)

Looking at the description of Jesus as the start of Revelation, we explore the simple truth that God is in control, that Jesus has power, and that He reigns over our world and the Church.

2. Nothing can replace Jesus

Revelation 2-5 (Jan 21)

In the letters to seven churches, and in the descriptions of heaven’s worship, we see that Jesus is central. He alone can lead His Church, and He alone can bring history to its conclusion.

3. Nothing takes God by surprise

Revelation 6-8:1 (Jan 28)

As we explore the opening of the seven seals, we explore the important question of suffering in our world, asking where it comes from, how God can be good in the midst of it and whther it will come to an end.

4. Nothing changes God’s faithfulness

Revelation 8-11 (Feb 11)

Looking at the seven trumpets in John’s vision, we see judgment enacted. It does not make for comfortable reading, but displays God’s faithfulness and righteousness in the midst of brokenness.

5. Nothing can change the outcome

Revelation 12-14 (Feb 18)

As we see the victory of God from three different perspectives (Heaven, the world and the church) the same truth is clear: He will win, and His people will be victorious with Him.

6. God has the last word

Revelation 15-16 (Mar 4)

Coming to the seven bowls of Revelation, we see another depiction of God’s judgment, and see that in the face of others who would seek to dominate, it is God who controls human destiny.

7. No other kingdom lasts forever

Revelation 18-19 (Mar 11)

As we explore images of those who set themselves up again God, we see that others who try to rule will not prosper, and will themselves come under God’s rule.

8. God makes all things new

Revelation 20-21 (Mar 18)

In these final images of Revelation, we see the beauty of everything restored and made perfect. It is this that we can draw great comfort from, as we see a future with no more pain and complete union with God.


As well as the Sundays with their notes, Malcolm also hosted an evening getting deeper to grips with Revelation, tackling some of the meatier and more difficult (and controversial!) aspects of studying the book. The millennium, the antichrist, the 144,000, judgment, dispensationalism, how you even read Revelation in the first place! All of this is covered, and it was a really helpful evening to give the big picture and some tools in getting into the nitty gritty of the book.

You can listen to the series here, or watch the full recording in this video.