A year to change your life

At Gold Hill, we have been running an internship programme since 2012.
It has been such a joy to see each intern grow in faith, gifting and confidence as they have served and learned.

Some of our interns have gone on to work for churches, others have gone to Bible College to continue pursuing Christian ministry, and others have gone into other areas of employment with a stronger sense of where God is calling them in their lives.

How does our internship work?

The internship focuses in on one or two ministry areas, with a specific focus on youth or children’s work, but there are also opportunities to get experience in a wide variety of areas of church life. We work out with each intern where they would like to grow or try things, and work on a timetable together. There is also a strong focus on training, with weekly group sessions to make sure our interns are growing in understanding and skills.

Interns are hosted by a family from the church, with all food and expenses covered. We also provide some pocket money to our interns as well.

To find out more or to apply, these downloads should provide you with what you need.

Get in touch

The internship runs from September through to July, but it is never the wrong time to be exploring where God is leading you next – so if you’d like to know a bit more or speak to someone about the internship, please let us know by filling in the form below.

Spread the word!

If you know of someone you think might be perfect for our internship, please do share it with them! Or if you would like to advertise it in your church, we would be so happy for you to do so. You can share this page with them, or download the poster below to help us get the message out there.