God has been at work amongst us in wonderful ways during the last year. We want to celebrate that, and to look back on it as we also look ahead to what He is calling us to in the next couple of years. As leaders, we sense there are three ways that God wants to bring growth to His kingdom, and to increase what He is doing. This is forming our whole focus for everything we are, and everything we will be doing in the coming days:

We will see significant growth in the number of people reached, restored and released in Jesus’ name.

For each part of that, we want to look back at what we have seen God do in us during 2018, and step forward with focused intent into 2019 and 2020.

1. Reached by Jesus

During the next two years, we are setting out to see a growth in the number of people who are reached by the good news of Jesus. We are all a part of this, as we share our lives, stories and faith with those we know. Wherever we are, there are people who can be reached with the gospel, whether for the first time or one more time.

This is not a new goal, but a refocused one. As we step out to reach more people with Jesus, we can also celebrate the wonderful ways Jesus has already been reaching people through our church family.

You might also be encouraged to see some stats about what God was doing in 2018 as we look ahead to 2019/20.


people completed the Alpha Course


children attended one day holiday clubs


GH/Hope members served at the Youth Centre


people journeyed toward being debt-free through CAP


foodbank vouchers were given out


un/de-churched seniors regularly attended our Wednesday service


CSP streets visited during Arise week


GH/Hope members served at the Bread House


services in Care Homes were led by GH/Hope members

2. Restored by Jesus

Once we have been reached by Jesus, His work of transforming us can begin. So we want to make it a priority to see more and more people restored by the the love of Jesus. He cares deeply about every aspect of our lives, whether that is physical, emotional or spiritual. The greatest restoration we can ever receive is His forgiveness and salvation, but the work of restoration continues on as we allow Him to remake and remould us.

Are there ways in which you need to seek God’s restoration for yourself this year? Or maybe there is someone you want to see given God’s forgiveness and salvation this year.

Here are some figures from 2018 to give thanks for and spur us on to even greater things in 2019/20.


people baptised


new members


first time commitments (at least)

3. Released by Jesus

As people reached and restored by Jesus, there is work for us to do! So each of us needs to be trained, equipped and sent into the things we are called to. So we are prioritising seeing more people released into the gifting and calling God has placed within them, and playing their part in reaching and restoring others. Each of us is made uniquely, so each has a different part to play, but together as a body we can see amazing things happen as we step out.

There are lots of ways to be released into what God has prepared for us to do. It might be some training, a greater level of intentionality, or creating a bit more space in your life.

You might be surprised how many have been released during 2018, so be encouraged as we step into 2019/20.


person trained & released into church leadership


people involved in short term mission trips


sites/plants/congregations in our church family


services supported in other churches (1 led entirely by a GH Life Group)


worship leaders sent to other churches


preachers sent to other churches


people developed through training for music teams


people attended evangelism training (this includes many from other churches)


cross-cultural mission partners supported and sent