Over the summer, our building has increasingly been used for prayer, communion and some teaching seminars. It is now also being used for in-person gatherings. Hopefully this page will help you to understand what we’re doing and why as we make some changes this term.

A hybrid model

We believe as a leadership team that it is right to continue to take steps towards opening and meeting together in the building physically whilst also continuing to provide an online presence. This means embracing a hybrid model of church; one church with a number of different gatherings – digital and physical, some for specific groups and some for a general audience. All gathering to worship the one Lord Jesus and see people have their lives transformed by his grace.

How will you connect in?

We would like to invite you to consider how you will be part of this one church. Please take time praying about how you and your household will engage in Church over the months of September, October and November and then commit by signing up via the links below.

We would like people to be intentional about communicating how they will be engaging even if it isn’t physically in the building. This helps us to plan appropaitely as well as be pastorally aware of how people are engaging. For the Autumn term, all the adult gatherings, including the online service, will follow the same teaching programme. 

  • Online. Our online service will continue to be presented via YouTube. This will no longer premier at 10am on a Sunday morning but we will release it at 7am meaning that you could tune in first thing in the morning or engage with the service during the evening instead. goldhill.org/online 
  • Online+. Since our encouragement for people to gather with another household (or 5 other individuals outside) on a Sunday morning and watch church together we have heard how, for a number of folk, it increased their engagement and sense of intentionality in worship, discipleship and prayer. We would like to encourage people to do this, whilst also adhering to good distancing and cleaning (and to do the maths and make sure you’ll adhere to the government’s new ‘Rule of Six’). goldhill.org/onlineplus 
  • Sunday 8:30am. This and the 11am gathering will be approximately an hour in length and will include teaching, prayer, worship and communion (on a fortnightly basis). goldhill.org/sunday830am 
  • Sunday 11am goldhill.org/sunday11am 
  • Sunday 7pm This gathering will specifically focus on ministering to and reaching an Emerging Generation; Millennials and Gen Z. goldhill.org/sunday7pm 
  • Tuesday 10:30am- 11:15am. A gathering specifically for those in Vulnerable Categories. Please note that extra precautions will be in place during this gathering to ensure the safety of those who are in attendance. These precautions will include the gathering being shorter and the seating arrangement being set at 2m rather than 1m+. There will also be a deeper clean prior to this gathering on a Monday. If you are in a vulnerable category we are legally obliged to encourage you to be part of this gathering. Despite this encouragement we recognise that some will choose to sign up for one of the other gatherings. goldhill.org/tuesday

Since capacity at these gatherings is limited to 60 we have plans and teams in place to increase the number of gatherings should there be a need, so don’t stop yourself signing up for the benefit of others – if we need more space, we will make more space! The Phone congregation for those without internet access will continue also. 

Children & Youth Ministry

For the time being we are unable to offer children’s or youth ministry groups in person during our gatherings. Kids Church however will continue throughout the Autumn Term. We thank God for the way in which children are engaging with this service and are being reached with the good news, being given opportunity to be restored back to God and also how they are being encouraged to explore and be released in gifting and service. We thank God for Shona and the team leading out on this. 

Breathe Youth Service will continue gathering at the Church rather than at the Youth Centre. It has been great to hear how the young people have adapted in ways of gathering throughout lockdown and continue to encourage one another in their faithful following of Jesus. We are excited to see how God will be using this gathering to see Young people reached in our area over the new term.

Moving Forward Together

We recognise that for some people gathering in person in the church building is too soon and is a risk that they are not wanting to take at present. For others, the restrictions that will remain in place at least initially (see notes below) are reasons that would stop them returning to the building next month. For others still, they cannot wait to get back in and return to gathering in person, despite the changes. We are a diverse community of followers of Jesus. This is something that we embrace and celebrate. 

In Ephesians 4: 2-6 we are called to be humble, gentle and patient with one another, to be united in the Holy Spirit, brought and bonded together by Him as one church. The passage continues by reminding us that we have one hope and one faith and baptism rooted in Jesus Christ who is THE Lord and God almighty, Our Father. (Eph 4:3-6). During this next season we continue together as this one church.

 What plans are in place?

For your awareness the following precautions will be in place for our in-person gatherings: 

  • Increased airflow across the room
  • One way systems in place, limiting physical contact and bottlenecks
  • Queuing System at entrance 
  • Hand Sanitiser available throughout the building 
  • Face masks are a legal requirement in places of worship currently and therefore we will be asking all those who attend in person to wear a mask. We also understand that for a variety of reasons some people are exempt
  • Distanced seating arrangements and social distancing protocols in place throughout the building 
  • Cleaning: After each service the church (seating, surfaces, handles etc) will be cleaned ensuring a safe environment for the next attendees