The elders of Gold Hill Baptist Church (“Gold Hill”) announce with sadness that they have accepted a letter of resignation from the Rev Malcolm J. Duncan F.R.S.A. who has led the Church, as Senior Pastor, at Gold Hill since his appointment in September 2010.

Malcolm has felt a strong tug toward Ireland for some time and that call and sense of yearning has steadily increased to the point that Malcolm and his wife, Debbie, feel that the time has come for them to move to Ireland for the next chapter of their ministry. In addition to this calling, Malcolm and Debbie feel that they should be closer to their family in Ireland and more readily available to be able to provide support more fully than they have been able to whilst living in England.

Accordingly, Malcolm will be leaving Gold Hill to take up a senior position with Dundonald Elim Church in Ireland. Malcolm has expressed his wish to play his part in making the transition as seamless and as positive as possible. His formal contract on employment will end on the 10th April 2018, although his last day of ministry at Gold Hill will be on Sunday 18th March 2018.

The elders of Gold Hill, whilst sad that Malcolm will be leaving, are also both understanding and supportive. The elders have expressed their sincere thanks to Malcolm for making such a significant contribution to the life of the Church and its wider ministry in leading Gold Hill since his appointment in 2010. Malcolm and Debbie are deeply grateful to them for their friendship, love and affirmation and for standing alongside the Duncan family during this time of change and transition.

The mission, vision and direction of Gold Hill remains unchanged and we are just as deeply committed to the HubHeartHome project now as we have ever been. The elders intend to pause to pray and reflect into the current situation before determining what the next steps will be during this transition phase.

Any questions can be directed to any elder of Gold Hill or can be sent by email to


14 January 2018

Elders: Stewart Bishop, Jackie Buie, Anto Castle, Dave Criddle, Johannes Etten, Claudette Fisher-Johnson, Joyce Gledhill, Eric Graham, Guy Parkin, Steve Rayner, John Sadler, James Simmons, Stephen Walker-Williams.


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