What are we doing in this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Like every person, family, business, school and organisation, we are having to respond and adapt to what is going on around us. This page is a place to share what that’s looking like for us and to give you tools that can help you to do the same.

This page shares a few different things. It shares what we're doing on Sundays now, some info and articles about our plans, and some things you can be doing right now.


We have a few things going on with our Sundays, so what can you do and what are the options that work best for you?


9am, on YouTube
A service led by our children, always a powerful and inspiring time!


10am, on the phone
Connect with others and join in. Details are at each week.


10am, on YouTube
A weekly livestream, found at each week.


11:15am, on Zoom
After our service, two calls to choose from. Details at

There is also a lot going on every week for children and young people. If you want to know more about any of this to connect in, please contact us so we can put you in touch with Natalie or Shona, our youth and children/family workers.

We also have a brilliant prayer ministry team who you can contact any day of the week. They would love to pray for you or with you about anything at all. The number to text (or call if you prefer) is 07961 815 388


We have been planning and preparing for what our next stages look like as a church family. Here are some key articles we’ve put together to explain that. You can see all our articles, blogs and our weekly info pages here.

How do I come out of lockdown?

We know that there are a lot of different ways that we are all asking this question. It is not an easy time or an easy thing to do for lots of us. So in our current series on Sundays, we’re asking that question and giving 6 tips for stepping out of lockdown. These are all practical advice that come from the Bible, and particularly from a story of God’s people making a transition of their own. You can join us on Sunday, or you can find all the talks in the series here.

The 6 Tips

1. Don’t Be Afraid

Sun 12 July – Joshua 1:1-9

2. Make a Plan

Sun 19 July – Joshua 2:1-24

3. Take a Step

Sun 26 July – Joshua 3:1-17


4. Decide to Remember

Sun 4 August – Joshua 4:1-9

5. Be Grateful

Sun 11 August – Joshua 5:1-12

6. Know Who You Are

Sun 18 August – Joshua 5:13-15

Most Recent Talk

We also believe that praying is a great thing to do as we step out of lockdown. As a church we are a praying people, and would encourage everyone to give praying a go. One of the articles shared earlier on is all about that, and shares what that could look like, from private prayer in our building, to prayer gatherings to praying on your street. Take a look!


We have made lots of things that you might find helpful in recent months. Our YouTube channel is packed full of things, including lots of weekly content for children, all of our talks and a number of other one-off things too. We have also put something together to help everyone get into the Bible for themselves, no matter what age you are.

Check out our YouTube Channel.