What are we doing in this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Like every person, family, business, school and organisation, we are having to respond and adapt to what is going on around us. This page is a place to share what that’s looking like for us and to give you tools that can help you to do the same.

This page shares a few different things. It shares what we're doing on Sundays now, some info about our plans, and some things you can be doing right now.


On Sundays, there are lots of different ways to be part of our church community, and they fall into two different categories: online and face-to-face. The link in each option takes you to a page where you can sign up to let us know this is what you are planning to do.


There are a few different things we have going on online that we would love for you to join in with.

Kids Church, 9am on YouTube
A service led by our children, always a powerful and inspiring time! It can be found at

Watch our Online Service
Each week, a full service recorded. You can join in at home, or we really encourage you to join with another household if you can to join in together. The service is at

Phone Congregation
Not technically ‘online’, but it’s not face-to-face. You can dial in to our phone congregation at 10am. Details are at


After the first lockdown lifted, but before the second lockdown began, we started up some in-person gatherings with social distancing and everything else in place. Obviously at the moment these cannot meet, but we are seeking to enable the communities that formed to continue, and to create space for connection even though it cannot be in-person as we’d like it to be.

So there are a number of Zoom calls across a Sunday that you can join in with. The details for all of them are at the end of this blog post which we published when Lockdown 2 was announced.


We have needed to make plans in light of England’s second lockdown. Here is a blog Stephen has written to explain that. You can see all our articles, blogs and our weekly info pages here.


We have made lots of things that you might find helpful in recent months. Our YouTube channel is packed full of things, including lots of weekly content for children, all of our talks and a number of other one-off things too. We have also put something together to help everyone get into the Bible for themselves, no matter what age you are.

Check out our YouTube Channel.


Looking after your mental health is so important.

Lockdown 2 is now upon us, with its aim of protecting physical well-being, but we’re so aware that it will impact some people’s mental well-being very negatively. Those with pre-existing mental health issues may feel particularly hopeless. We do not want anyone to struggle alone.

If you need help, or you are caring for others and don’t know what to do, we want to help. You can call the church number and be directed to one of our pastors to talk (01753 342010) during working hours.

Alternatively you may want to connect to people who have particular knowledge of such mental pain. These are some contact numbers that you could use.
‘Shout’ is the UK’s first 24/7 text service, free on all major mobile networks, for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. It’s a place to go if you’re struggling to cope and you need immediate help. Text: 85258

Samaritans provides confidential, non-judgmental emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those that could lead to suicide. You can phone (116 123), email ( or even write a letter. In most cases you can talk to someone face to face.