Kids' Zone

Here's where you will find resources to help our 0-11s engage with faith throughout the week.

We are learning about becoming agents of God at the moment, and you can download your agent pack here!

Agents of God: Packs

'Gifted' Activities

Bible in the Week (5 weeks)

What to look forward to in the week…

Kids' Church

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9am for our kids’ church service! A time of worship, teaching and activities. You would be so welcome. For more information on how you could get involved email Shona at

Other Resources

On this page you will find other resources we have been making during this season. ‘Gifted’ activities have been designed to help 5-11s use their gifts and talents in worshipping and listening to God. ‘Our 5 week ‘Bible in the Week’ plan has activities for 3-11s based around different people’s encounters with Jesus that we read about in the Bible. Our ‘Memory Verse Monday’ videos are to encourage fun ways of learning scripture. ‘Toddler Tuesday’ videos include a Bible story and some time of praise.

Children's Resources

There are so many great resources available online that may be of use in the coming weeks. Here is a list of some of those things which may be exciting to try out. We will also be posting some of our own material to the Gold Hill Baptist Church Facebook page.

How to Read the Bible

We think it’s so important that everybody is able to open God’s word and engage with it, be excited by it and learn from it. We have created this resource to help everybody at home do this, whatever age you are!

Online Digital Games:

Guardians of Ancora

 Simply search Guardians of Ancora in any smart phone or Tablet App Store and download the game for free.

'Bible App for Kids' (You Version)

You can access this online interactive digital game on any smart phone or tablet by going into the app store and downloading.

The Greatest Journey

Samaritans Purse have created an app for children where they can explore the Bible and learn how to follow Jesus aboard a time-traveling spaceship that players captain.

Online Bible Resources:

'Crossroads Kids Club'

 You can go to their website or their YouTube page for Bible stories, songs, memory verses and games.

'The Bible Project'

For youth, students and adults, you can check out The Bible Project’s Youtube page for walk through animations and explanations of key themes in the Bible to help you support your child better.


Another interactive children’s programme using videos and lesson plans that you can access online through their website, smart phone or tablet through their app and on their YouTube channel.

Saddleback Kids

Saddleback Kids have some great videos of different Bible stories that help children visually engage. There are also toddler friendly versions too.