God and Social Distancing

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What does God think about social distancing? Might seem a strange question, but we actually think he might have a fair bit to say! Here's a video we've made to explore that idea and find some hope in the middle of it all.

Behind Closed Doors

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This post is a summary of a message from Stephen Walker-Williams (on behalf of our elders) to update and encourage us. 24 March 2020. 'Although the doors were shut, Jesus came and stood among them and said, "Peace be with you"' (John 20:26) Many of us will have tuned in to Boris Johnson's update yesterday evening... Read more »

Be Church: responding to the coronavirus

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Lots of groups, organisations and businesses are having to make plans for how to carry on in the middle of the Coronavirus. So much is changing, and it's changing at a very rapid rate. So what does it look like for us as a church? In this post, we're sharing some information about things that... Read more »

Stephen Walker-Williams: time in America

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posted byStephen Walker-Williams05 March 2020 Thank you so much for praying for Nicki, me and the children during my visit to the USA in January. It was such an honour to be invited to go and minister there and take the opportunity to express our gratitude to some of the churches that have sent Arise... Read more »