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MT170730b "THY KINGDOM COME" [05] (am2 - series A147}Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:10
"Your Kingdom Come" (05) Maria Bond continues with the studies of the Lord's prayer and considers the unstoppable nature of God’s Kingdom. She reflects on the four key seasons of the Kingdom (the perfect Kingdom, the rejected Kingdom, the partial Kingdom and the perfect Kingdom) and encourages that, as believers we are in the Kingdom of God, and as this abuts with other Kingdoms we need to be prepared and willing to share the Gospel at that border!
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MT170730a "HOPEFUL PEOPLE" [15] (am1 - series A145)Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 16 minutes
Reference:Colossians 1:28-29
"The Hope that Keeps Us Going" Maria Bond discusses how Paul encouraged the Colossian church and asks whether we truly appreciate the riches of God’s word and seek to share this with both believers and unbelievers. Are we also serving God with all our heart and energy, yet at the same time relying on God’s direction and resourcing?
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MT170618a "HOPEFUL PEOPLE" [09] (am1 - series A145)Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 13 minutes
Reference:Colossians 1:19
"The Hope of Christ as Fully Divine" Maria Bond looking at Colossians 1:19 and considering that Christ, though human, is actually the visible discovery of the invisible God – fully divine at the same time as fully human.
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MT170319 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [33] (am - series A143)Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Mark 12:41-44
"Radical Generosity" Maria Bond continues in Mark's gospel where we find, after much questioning by the Pharisees, Saducees, Herodians and scribes, Jesus sits down by the treasury and observes many people casting their money into it. When a widow arrives and gives all she owns, Jesus calls the disciples back to draw from this scene a lesson of true sacrifice. He shows that He observes not only the outward action of a person, but the inward affections of their hearts. How might we be challenged by this?
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 30 minutes
"Sowing the Seeds of Revival" Maria Bond explores the well-known parable of the weeds, in which Jesus draws our attention to the co-existence of good with evil. This passage challenges us to consider whether we have grown lax in our awareness of and attitude towards evil, and also leads us to ask ourselves whether we are more akin to the wheat or the weed!
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ET160214 "FRESH" - WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? (pm)Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 25 minutes
Maria Bond asks the question "What are you doing here?" Whatever our circumstances, and wherever our relationship with God, He is aware, He understands and is concerned to be alongside us and encourage us. However, we can also ensure that we are in a place to more readily hear his voice and receive that help!
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MT160124 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [03] (am - Series A143))Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 28 minutes
Reference:Mark 2:1-12
The Gosple of Mark (03) - The Authority of Jesus to Forgive Sins (Mark 2: 1-12 Maria Bond considering the familiar story of friends lowering their sick friend through the roof to enable Jesus to restore him to full health. However, Jesus demonstrates that not only does he have the ability to provide physical healing, but also the authority to forgive.
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MT150830 GOD's GREAT PURPOSE IN THE WORLD [28] (Series A139 - am)Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 30 minutes
God's Great Purpose in the World (28) Maria Bond teaching from Jeremiah where we see the deep heart God has for His people and the way in which Jeremiah (often called ‘the weeping prophet’) identifies with God’s own heart. Jeremiah was tireless in urging people to return to God. We are challenged to consider how much we have God’s heart and how tireless we are in encouraging people to return to Him. What is our role today in calling a nation, who are increasingly in rebellion, back to God's ways?
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MT150628 GOSPEL MESSAGE (am)Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 20 minutes
"Gospel Message" Maria Bond speaking - "What Must I Do?"
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MT150329 PALM SUNDAY 2015 (am)Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 29 minutes
Palm Sunday 2015 Maria Bond reflecting on the events of Palm Sunday - as Jesus rode into Jerusalem and fulfilled the Old Testament prediction that the Messiah would not be a commander riding his horse into battle, but a King riding on a colt and bringing the message of Jesus.
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