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ET170625 BAPTISMAL SERVICEMalcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 24 minutes
Baptismal Service. Malcolm Duncan and baptismal candidates speaking prior to baptisms taking place.
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MT1706125b "THY KINGDOM COME" [02] (am2 - new series A147)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 29 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:9
"Thy Kingdom Come" (02) Malcolm Duncan looks again at the first phrase of the well-known Lord’s Prayer: ‘Our Father’. These words define our relationship with God as one of undeserved and unconditional love, and form the basis for the other sections of the prayer.
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MT170625a "HOPEFUL PEOPLE" [10] (am1 - series A145)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 16 minutes
Reference:Colossians 1:20
"The Reconciling Hope of the Cross" Malcolm Duncan looking at Colossians 1:20, and considering that God made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ's blood on the cross.
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ET170618 PRAYING FOR THE NATION (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 14 minutes
"Praying for the Nation" Malcolm Duncan prays for and discusses the state of the nation.
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MT170618b "THY KINGDOM COME" [01] (am2 - new series A147)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 26 minutes
Reference:Matthew 6:9
"Thy Kingdom Come" (01) The first in a new series exploring the Lord’s Prayer. Malcolm Duncan considers the first phrase of this – ‘Our Father’. It reminds us that, amazingly, though God is God, we are to relate to Him firstly as to a father – not to Creator, or Lord, but to the head of His family who cares for His children.
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ET170611 "TRUST IN GOD"Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 48 minutes
"Trust in God" After an interesting week in British politics, we have been reminded that it is difficult to trust in human beings - even those with the best will in the world! Malcolm Duncan considers the lessons we may have learned this week, and, celebrating that as believers, we know we can rely on God and trust that He will do as He promises.
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MT170611b "ALL-IN" FAMILY SERVICE (am2)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 5 minutes
"All-In together" looking especially at the experiences of Jonah, and reminding ourselves that God is always with us - concerned for his people and in control.
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MT170611a "HOPEFUL PEOPLE" [08] (am1 - series A145)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 10 minutes
Reference:Colossians 1:18
"The Hope of Christ as the Ultimate Head of Things" Malcolm Duncan focuses on Jesus as Head of all things - of the universe as it’s creator, among those who will rise from the dead as He was first to rise and die no more, and of the entire church
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 54 minutes
"Make the Cross Count" With the General Election approaching rapidly, Malcolm Duncan takes a look at the way we can make the cross count. What should we take into consideration as we vote for our local candidates and the Prime Ministerial role at this key stage in our country’s history?
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MT170604b PENTECOST 2017 (am2)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 27 minutes
References:Genesis 1
Ezekiel 47
John 7
Acts 2
Revelation 22
Today is the festival of Pentecost, when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit in power in the early church. Malcolm Duncan traces the role of the Spirit throughout Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, and naturally focus especially on Acts 2, where we read the account of the empowering of a crowd of people as they were filled with the Spirit.
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