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JIM GRAHAM'S PAST TEACHINGS "Let Us Go On" (1994 - Series JG084) now completed.Noticeboard (no audio)
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 0 minutes
Recordings of Jim Graham’s teachings from as far back as 1967 are now being uploaded periodically. To assist with your search the uploads will be divided into year by year “Speaker” folders (e.g “Jim Graham 1994”) with one year flowing into the next year. Series numbering will also apply so once you have found a series of your choice, enter the series number in the search box (e.g. JG084) to find all the other teachings within that series. Quality varies - of the recordings, that is, not Jim's teaching!
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 0 minutes
SUNDAY SERMONS: Morning sermons will usually be uploaded later the same day and evening sermons within a day or two. Complete teaching series can be selected by entering the series code (see title line - e.g. "A139" or "P140") in the search box. Similarly, "am" or "pm" can be selected.
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 31 minutes
Fresh - Positioned to Receive" - Christopher Bird exploring how we can be in a position to receive from God - ‘inclining our hearts’ towards him, listening, looking out for ways/situations in which God may be seeking to strengthen, refresh and empower us anew. (First 3 minutes missing due to technical error.)
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MT160522 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [17] (am - Series A143)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 48 minutes
Reference:Mark 9:2-13
The Gospel of Mark (17) Malcolm Duncan exploring the transfiguration in Mark 9 - where Peter, James and John see the radiance of Jesus as God’s son. Although the disciples don’t know quite how to react to Jesus as they see him transfigured at the top of a high mountain, they have a deep sense that they should relate to him with reverence and worship. We need also to simply listen to God, as he requests here - as Jesus continues to be active and speaking to us if we will only have an ear to hear!
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MT160515 PENTECOST SUNDAY 2016Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 22 minutes
Pentecost Sunday 2016 Malcolm Duncan and Stephen Walker-Williams with a message of provision of power for all Christ’s followers with the outpouring of His Holy Spirit. Jesus’ disciples were promised that they would receive power and be His witnesses. Together they examine this promise, and invite its fulfilment once again as we ask God to empower us and fill each of us anew to be more impactful witnesses for Him and seek to see His Kingdom come in our time and in our nation.
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ET160508 FRESH - "BEYOND THE RUSH"Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 45 minutes
"Beyond the Rush" ....The Power of a Life centred on Jesus. Malcolm Duncan challenging us to step out of the busy pace of our lives and ensure that our lives are truly focused on Jesus. When Jesus is absolutely at the centre, we will develop attractive and powerful lives – just as a piece of clay centred on a potter’s wheel produces a container of strength and beauty.
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MT160508 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [16] (am - Series A143)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 54 minutes
Reference:Mark 8:22-10:52
The Gospel of Mark (16) Malcolm Duncan following the journey of the disciples as they accompany Jesus in a variety of situations. The twelve gradually gain more insight as Jesus teaches them more about his identity and his purpose on earth, and, as they begin to understand Jesus more clearly, they realise increasingly that this impacts all of their living. We too are called to allow Jesus’ perspectives and priorities to shape us.
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ET160501 FRESH - "THE NEXT STEP"Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 24 minutes
"The Next Step" Dave Criddle encouraging us to ‘take the next step’. In the last few weeks, we have been invited to ‘stay fresh’ and find greater freedom in God. Now we have a further opportunity to step into closer relationship with Him, and discover greater release into all the fullness of life we are promised.
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MT160501 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [15] (am - Series A143)Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 30 minutes
Reference:Mark 8:1-21
The Gospel of Mark (15) "Say Yes...because their minds are stretched by Jesus" Jesus repeatedly asks the disciples: "do you still not understand?" They (and we) can allow the limitations of human understanding, experience and imagination to dull the message which Jesus seeks to give us. Jesus often left the disciples to work out the answer to their approach he frequently adopts with us today. We need to be ready to allow him to transform our understanding - to renew our minds!
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 29 minutes
"The Doorway to Freedom" Malcolm Duncan exploring what it means to find the pathway to greater freedom in God - taking an honest look at the elements of who we are and what we do which may be a barrier to that life in all its fullness which Jesus promises to each believer.
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