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JIM GRAHAM'S PAST TEACHINGS are now available, starting with "Rules For Living"!Jim Graham
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 0 minutes
Recordings of Jim Graham’s teachings from as far back as 1967 are now being uploaded periodically. To assist with your search the uploads will be divided into year by year “Speaker” folders (e.g “Jim Graham 1976”) with one year flowing into the next year. Series numbering will also apply so once you have found a series of your choice, enter the series number in the search box (e.g. JG034) to find all the other teachings within that series. Quality varies - of the recordings, that is, not Jim's teaching!
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ET160207 "FRESH" - VICTORY & VULNERABILITY (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 36 minutes
"Fresh" - Victory & Vulnerability. Malcolm Duncan considering God's victory and power within us - what it means to walk in a relationship with God that is not hindered by anything which could disrupt or cast a shadow over it - fear or doubt or sin no longer come between us and God. For this to be true, we need to be willing to be open (and vulnerable) to God's impact and enabling.
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MT160207 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [05] (am - Series A143)Jude Colhoun
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 34 minutes
Reference:Mark 5:1-20
The Gospel of Mark (05) "Jesus: Authority over Demons" Continuing our journey through the gospel of Mark, Jude Colhoun looks at the time when Jesus restored a demon-possessed man. This is a passage which warns of the dangers of demonic influence and activity, but also (mainly) affirms that Jesus’ supernatural power in no way derived from Satan, but rather affirmed His identity as the Son of God.
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ET160131 "FRESH" "HEALING" (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 47 minutes
"Fresh" "Healing" - Malcolm Duncan sharing a Biblical understanding of healing, We believe we are called to invite God to intervene and bring His healing power to body, mind and spirit in many lives and situations.
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MT160131 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [04] (Series A143 - am)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 43 minutes
Reference:Mark 4:35-41
The Gospel of Mark (04) "The Authority of Jesus over Nature" Malcolm Duncan focusing on the occasion when Jesus calmed the storm on Galilee (Mark 4:35-41). When the disciples are terrified, Jesus is calm and when alerted by them he demonstrates that he is in control….over nature as over all else. We, who have so much more evidence of Jesus’ power in and over every circumstance, are likewise called to have faith in his awareness, understanding and authority.
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 21 minutes
"Drenched - Experiencing God's Best" Malcolm Duncan explaining what it means to be ‘filled (full to overflowing with, or steeped in) the Spirit’, and the way in which this releases us into all the fullness of life promised to each believer.
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MT160124 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [03] (am - Series A143))Maria Bond
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 28 minutes
Reference:Mark 2:1-12
The Gosple of Mark (03) - The Authority of Jesus to Forgive Sins (Mark 2: 1-12 Maria Bond considering the familiar story of friends lowering their sick friend through the roof to enable Jesus to restore him to full health. However, Jesus demonstrates that not only does he have the ability to provide physical healing, but also the authority to forgive.
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 25 minutes
Fresh - "Breaking through fear". Dave Criddle looking at the words of encouragement given by Paul to Timothy in 1:6-7, noting that the gifts which God provided to Timothy (and us) are powerful tools, and that God equips us for the tasks to which we are called, providing Holy Spirit boldness, strength and love.
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MT160117 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [02] (New series A143 - am)Malcolm Duncan & Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 40 minutes
Reference:Mark 1:9-15
The Gospel of Mark (02) Malcolm Duncan and Dave Criddle together continuing the topic of "Jesus - The Good News" looking at the baptism and testing of Jesus in Mark 1. Together they examine the concise details provided in this passage around precisely who Jesus is and the message he brings: we are called to ‘repent and believe the gospel’, or re-focus and trust the good news.
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MT160110 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [01] (New series A143 - am)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 39 minutes
Reference:Mark 1:1-8
The Gospel of Mark (01) Malcolm Duncan introducing a new teaching series based on the book of Mark. This week's title is "Jesus: The Good News" The over-arching purpose of the Gospel of Mark is to show that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. Malcolm looks at the opening passage where we are introduced to the one whom Isaiah prophesied would "prepare the way for the Lord" - John the Baptist.
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