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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 0 minutes
SUNDAY SERMONS: Morning sermons will usually be uploaded later the same day and evening sermons within a day or two. Complete teaching series can be selected by entering the series code (see title line - e.g. "A139" or "P140") in the search box. Similarly, "am" or "pm" can be selected.
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ET170115 NEW SHAPE [02] pm - P145)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 37 minutes
"New Shape" - Malcolm Duncan. Just as Jesus’ parable of the wine and wineskins reminds us that we are asking for trouble if we pour fresh wine into old wineskins which have assumed a definite shape and which are no longer pliable, whilst fresh wineskins can successfully absorb the expansion of the new wine and assume a new and appropriate shape. So too are we to be flexible if we are to follow and adapt well to any fresh new move and direction of God’s spirit.
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MT170115 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [25] (am - series A143)Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 37 minutes
Reference:Mark 9:30-49
"Hallmarks of the Kingdom" Dave Criddle considers some specific teaching Jesus gave to his disciples when he drew them aside to a quiet place. When the disciples tried to discern the relative importance of believers in the kingdom, Jesus rather emphasized humility, an equal welcome for all, yet at the same time a concern for holiness. This teaching must surely challenge us to be increasingly humble, inclusive and intolerant of sin.
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ET170108 NEW DEPTH [01] (pm - new series P145) Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 25 minutes
"New Depth" Dave Criddle introducing the first of a New Year mini-series focusing on different ways in which we might develop our relationship with God.
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MT170108 THE GOSPEL OF MARK [24] (am - Series A143 - resumed from Aug 2016)Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 32 minutes
References:Mark 1:14-15
Mark 8:27-9:1
"The Kingdom Has Come Near" Dave Criddle returns to the beginning of Mark where we are reminded of Jesus’ words that ‘the kingdom of God has come near’ where we are reminded of Jesus’ words that ‘the kingdom of God has come near’. We then fast-forward to the point where Jesus is claiming to be the Messiah and begins to reveal what this will mean - not the conqueror king who had perhaps been anticipated, but rather a servant Messiah who himself would die to save humankind.
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 15 minutes
"Treasuring and Pondering" - Dave Criddle.
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MT161218 MT161218 ADVENT 2016 "PEACE" [03]Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 33 minutes
References:Isaiah 9:1-7
John 16:32-33
Advent 2016 (3) "Peace"
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ET161218 CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE 2016Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length:1 hour 8 minutes
Christmas Carol Service - 2016
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ET161211 FRESH "FILLED WITH JOY"Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 34 minutes
"Filled With Joy" Malcolm Duncan focuses on the traditional theme for the 3rd Sunday in Advent - Joy - and reflecst that as people of God we benefit from a deeply-rooted joy which sustains and energises us. He considers what impact a joyful people could have on the world around us!
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ET161204 FRESH "CHOOSING LOVE"Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 26 minutes
Reference:Colossians 3:12-17
"Choosing Love" Dave Criddle reminds us that love is frequently a choice we make, rather than something which always comes naturally to us! Loving others often involves sacrifice on our part; at times we need to be intentional about loving other people...especially if we do not naturally find it easy to be loving towards them. But we are called to ‘love others as we love ourselves’…...regardless of our natural inclination to do so!
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