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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 0 minutes
SUNDAY SERMONS: Morning sermons will usually be uploaded later the same day and evening sermons within a day or two. Complete teaching series can be selected by entering the series code (see title line - e.g. "A130") in the search box. Similarly, "am" or "pm" can be selected.
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THANKSGIVING SERVICE for the Life of Helen IrwinMalcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length:1 hour 21 minutes
Thanksgiving Service for the life of Helen Elizabeth Irwin, 28th February 1969 to 18th October 2014, dearly loved daughter of Ronald and Elizabeth and sister of Peter, Paddy, David and Kathryn; service conducted by Malcolm Duncan and Jim Graham with family tributes.
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ET141207 ADVENT - MORE JOYMalcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 29 minutes
Advent - Malcolm Duncan continuing the advent theme in the evening service speaking about "More Joy"
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MT141207b ADVENT [02b] "JOY" - Onions & Doghouses (am - series A138)Miriam Westendarp
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 33 minutes
Advent (02b )Miriam Westendarp speaking during the second service, again on today’s theme of ‘Joy’ where she will help us to ask whether it is possible to be joyful in the winter of 2014.
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MT141207a ADVENT [02a] "JOY" (am - series A138)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 23 minutes
References:Galatians 5
Nehemiah 8
Luke 2
Advent (02a) Malcolm Duncan considering ‘Joy" in the first service of the day. Happiness is an emotion which can quickly disappear, whilst joy is much more deep-rooted and is often a matter of choice: we can choose to live in fear or anger, or we can choose to pursue the joy which Jesus provides, and is so much more than emotion.
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ET141130 WHO WILL YOU INVITE? (pm)James Simmons
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 15 minutes
Who Will You Invite? Short message given by James Simmons during worship and intercession evening
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MT141130 ADVENT [01] "HOPE" (am - series A138)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 36 minutes
Reference:John 1:23
Advent (01) Malcolm Duncan speaking on the message of the ‘Hope’ that we have in Jesus. As we approach Christmas we not only celebrate the fulfillment of the promise for Jesus to come to earth once, but are also encouraged by the awesome promise that He will one day return to the earth as Sovereign Ruler, as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
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ET141123 THE GREAT INVITE TO THE GREAT BANQUET (pm)Stephen Walker-Williams
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 13 minutes
"The Great Invite to the Great Banquet" Stephen Walker-Williams speaking at the Supper and Gospel Message evening.
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MT141123 THE CHURCH: NO PLAN B [70] (am - series A121)Stephen Walker-Williams
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 35 minutes
Reference:Acts 28:23-31
The Church: No Plan B (70) Stephen Walker-Williams teaching from Acts 28:23-31 on "The Unhindered Power of the Spirit and the Gospel". Paul arrives in Rome and experiences an incredible amount of time and freedom to continue to preach the gospel: he is provided with spacious accommodation where he can entertain and teach without hindrance; he has Roman bodyguards, who provide protection for him; and for two years he has the opportunity to share the good news with all who visit him.
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ET141116 ABUNDANT LIVING - Living in Christ (pm)Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 23 minutes
References:2 Corinthians 8:9
2 Corinthians 12:9
2 Corinthians 5:21
Abundant Living (pm) "Living in Christ" Dave Criddle speaking after the church weekend, teaching from 2 Cor. 8v9, 12v9 & 5v21.
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