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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 0 minutes
Recordings of the late Jim Graham’s teachings from as far back as 1967 are now being uploaded periodically. To assist with your search the uploads will be divided into year by year “Speaker” folders (e.g “Jim Graham 1975”) with one year flowing into the next year. Series numbering will also apply so once you have found a series of your choice, enter the series number in the search box (e.g. JG025) to find all the other teachings within that series. Recordings from Jan. 2007 can be found under "Jim Graham"
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 0 minutes
SUNDAY SERMONS: Morning sermons will usually be uploaded later the same day and evening sermons within a day or two. Complete teaching series can be selected by entering the series code (see title line - e.g. "A139" or "P140") in the search box. Similarly, "am" or "pm" can be selected. Note: Jim Graham's Thanksgiving service now moved to 22/7/2016 (or search for TS160722)
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ET160821 HUMILITY (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 31 minutes
Reference:1 Peter 5:5-11
"Humility sits at the heart of a successful life" Looking at 1 Peter 5: 5-11, Malcolm Duncan helps us to be reminded that humility helps us to see more of God and to understand more of his purposes in and around us.
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MT160821 GOD OF THE BIG, GOD OF THE SMALL (am)Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 38 minutes
Reference:Matthew 1:1-17
"God of the Big, God of the Small" Dave Criddle considering how God is interested in the smallest detail of each of our lives as well as ‘the big picture’. The beautiful thing is that God is aware, interested and able to deliver on both small and large scale, and just because he is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful we should never feel that any part of our life is beneath the interest of Jesus.
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ET160814 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN (pm)Stephen Walker-Williams
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 29 minutes
"The Other Side of the Mountain" Stephen Walker-Williams considering the way in which mountaintop experiences (the spiritual high of conversion, a Christian event or a significant experience) can be followed by an emotional dip. The danger is that once the "emotional high" wears off, this can negatively impact our relationship with God. As we grow in Christian maturity, however, we can increasingly celebrate the mountaintop moments, but become less reliant on these to sustain our faith.
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MT160814 GIVING JESUS WORSHIP (am)Miriam Westendarp
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 31 minutes
Reference:Mark 14:3-9
"Giving Jesus Worship" Miriam Westendarp looks at the simple story of a young woman who anoints Jesus with nard perfume. There is a remarkable contrast between her selfless generosity and the attitude of those reclining at the table with Jesus. Her act is a wonderful witness: Jesus remarks that ‘she has done a beautiful thing to me’ , and her action is remembered for all time.
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ET160807 BAPTISMAL SERVICE (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 20 minutes
Malcolm Duncan remind us that God delights in giving each and every human being a fresh start and new hope. This is true as we first discover the joy of new life in Jesus as we become ’new creations’ - as we see in the transforming encounter with Jesus for the woman at the well. However, this is also true as we repeatedly become aware of God’s fresh new mercies on a daily basis.
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MT160807 WINNING THE PRIZE (am)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 28 minutes
Reference:Philippians 3:14
With the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio yesterday, our minds will be focused over the next few weeks on competing, aiming for a ‘personal best’ and winning a sporting prize. Like all good athletes, we as followers of Jesus need to keep our eye on the goal which God has laid before us.Wherever we are in our ‘race’, we should not allow our efforts to be diverted or diluted in order to hear our Saviour’s words at the finishing line: ‘ well done, good and faithful servant.’
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ET160731 GOD: OUT OF THE BOX!Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 24 minutes
"God: Out of the Box!" As human beings, our endeavours to understand God and anticipate the scope of his intervention is naturally limited by our own experience and intellect. However, we are called ourselves step out of the box, and let God out of His…….to be sure not to limit God by our plans, structures, intentions etc…...and allow Him to move by His Spirit freely and creatively.
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MT160731 "GRIT AND GRACE" (am)Dave Criddle
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 33 minutes
References:2 Corinthians 2:5-11
2 Corinthians 4:1-15
"Grit and Grace" Dave Criddle considering the combination of characteristics we are called to possess/display in our Christian walk in order to be successful ambassadors for God. We need a combination of ingredients which appear to be opposites, but in fine balance produce the perfect mix: firmness and fairness; discipline and forgiveness; judgement and mercy; resilience and vulnerability; grit and grace.
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