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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length:2 hours 3 minutes
Thanksgiving Service for The Life of Rev. Jim Graham 1931 ~ 2016
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ET160724 "STEPPING UP & STEPPING OUT"Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 43 minutes
Fresh - "Stepping Up and Stepping Out" Malcolm Duncan considers how we can each respond to the call to reach out to our neighbours...step up to the challenge and step out in confidence. Perhaps we need to take a fresh look at the opportunities God has given each of us…...or listen closely in case God is revealing a new direction or opening he wishes us to grasp!
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MT160724 "ONE FAMILY" (am)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 35 minutes
Reference:Galatians 3:26-28
"One Family" Malcolm Duncan considering what it means to be ‘one family’, particularly in the light of growing racial tensions which have become more apparent in the US and around Europe. If God instructs us to love one another as He loves us, and He ‘does not show favouritism but accepts those from every nation’, then we are called to love with that same high standard - without discrimination.
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MT160717 AUTHORITY WE CAN TRUST (am)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 38 minutes
"Authority We Can Trust" Malcolm Duncan considering the way and extent to which we can trust those in authority. Recent weeks in the political life of the United Kingdom have shown that those whose word we have trusted can let us down, lie to us, over-promise and change alliances almost in the blink of any eye! God is the only one whose authority we can trust absolutely - we know his word is truly his honour, and that he continually has our best interests at heart.
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MT160710A "FINISHED THE RACE" Jim Graham 1931 - 2016 (am Session 1)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length:1 hour 1 minute
Reference:2 Timothy 4:7
"Finished the Race" Every family experiences seasons of celebration and sadness: today we gather to mourn the loss of a key member of our Gold Hill family over many years: Jim Graham - our Senior Pastor for 26 years - went to be with the Lord on Tuesday this last week. However, we also celebrate with Jim that he is now truly alive: in Jim’s own words, he has passed ‘from the land of the dying to the land of the living’! (Continued in Session 2 below)
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ET160710 "A GREAT EXAMPLE" (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 36 minutes
"A Great Example" Malcolm Duncan reflecting on the life of Jim Graham.
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MT160710B "FINISHED THE RACE" Jim Graham 1931 - 2016 (am Session 2)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length:1 hour 16 minutes
"Finished the Race - Session 2 (See above for details) Includes Malcolm Duncan speaking for 15 minutes.
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ET160703 THE GOSPEL FOR CHRISTIANS (pm)Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 25 minutes
The Gospel for Christians. Malcolm Duncan taking a fresh look at the Gospel as Christians, and asks whether we are truly allowing this good news to shape every area of our lives. We need to live every day appreciating the riches of our relationship with God through Jesus, and all that this brings in terms of peace, provision and purpose.
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Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 38 minutes
Seeking Unity. Malcolm Duncan looking back at the events of the past week or so. We are living in a period of uncertainty, highs and lows, with treachery and disunity, contrasted by examples of strength through unity. How can we model a different pattern of living – build and maintain unity. We need to be gentle and humble, patient, to bear with one another, to fight to maintain unity…..and perhaps in our own lives take the first step to restore broken unity in a relationship.
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ET160626 FRESH - WORSHIP & WORKLee Hamill
Gold Hill Baptist Church
Length: 35 minutes
"Worship & Work" Lee Hamill looking at the topic of work, and considering that our work can (and should!) be an act of worship to God: ‘whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.’ No matter what we do, our jobs are more than jobs : our hearts should be in our work, and we should be working with all our hearts.
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