Why do we give?

giving 1

We acknowledge that all we have is a gift from God. Although He owes us nothing, He has given us all we have out of His generous heart and love for us, even His own Son.
We believe that, as Christians, our financial giving (as well as any commitment to give our time) is part of our response in worship to God. We can be absolutely sure that our loving Father understands our needs and will provide for us.
Therefore, we give willingly and cheerfully, as He has prospered us (2 Corinthians 9v6-11). Our financial giving enables Gold Hill to release resources He has entrusted to us and invest them in spreading the gospel message, bringing relief and extending His Kingdom. 
The money we give supports people and projects locally, nationally and overseas. For example, last year our money has:
·         Sent the good news to the Philippines and to China
·         Supported local and overseas mission
·         Brought the Christian message to hundreds of school children in South Bucks
·         Provided ministry help for dozens of Churches nationwide
·         Provided practical support to singles, families, children and older people in our local community
·         Told university students about Jesus
·         Cared for families in crisis
and has supported many other exciting initiatives.
We cannot out-give God. We want to invite you to join us in giving to support His work, giving as He has prospered you and sharing the joy of generosity.
Our mission at Gold Hill is to be an authentic Christ-like community, encountering God, making disciples and transforming the world. By God's grace this church has a big heart and is embracing a big mission. Thank you for your faithful support.
For information about how to give, please click here.